koerier gent belgiumThe EU - European Union - is a connection states, a unique in world economic and political partnership of 28 countries in Europe and in those 28 countries in Europe performs Euro Delivery Express its activities through such
from Ghent in Belgium. The beginning of EU has its origins after World War II in 1958, where to carry the transport and courier services was some difficult thanks to the borders between European countries. First it was only for economic cooperation. And after that EU has become a large one made ​​market with the euro as a common currency for all EU countries and this has enormously increasing broke caused in transportation services such as express delivery and courier services and exports of transportation for courier services between all countries in Europe have become very easy for
and payments for express delivery and courier services quickly to receive. The European Union today is much more than just political and economic cooperation and ensured all more than half a century of stability, peace, and prosperity. After the abolition of all border controls in Europe between the European countries must
must no more wait at the border of European countries and people can travel freely, and transport and courier companies may
without any probleem. And today also become easier for courier to anywhere to live, work or do business in Europe. Here you will find general information on all